Monday, February 20, 2012

Hina-matsuri at Geibikei

In Japan, we have the Doll Festival which is called Hina-matsuri (Momono Sekku) on March 3. This is also the Girl's Festival which prays for women healthy growth. The origin of the festival is Chinese Shangsi(上巳) Festival. Then, it became the current style at later period in Japan.

And here at Geibikei, we are displaying a tiered-stand-for-dolls decoration until the day.

                                          Handmade Accessories


We are going to treat the visitors to Amazake made from fermented rice on the day of the Girl's Festival this year.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Main Festivals of Iwate on Spring

Hidaka Hibuse Festival (日高火防祭)

The festival of fire prevention prayer which is about 300 yeas of history is held in Ōshū-shi on April 28 and 29 every year.

The musical accompaniment used for a festival has been specified as the Important Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iwate Prefecture as "Musical Accompaniment On The Float(Yatai Bayashi)" of a fire prevention festival.

Fujiwara Festival on Spring (春の藤原まつり)

The festival which is the prayer for the dead of four generation of Fujiwara Clan is held between 1st and 5th of May every year.  

Moreover, announcing "Ennen Dance" of an important intangible cultural heritage, and " The procession of going-down to the east of Minamotono Yoshitsune" and "Benkei's Strong Muscle Man Athletic Meet" are opened.


Chagu-chagu Horse (チャグチャグ馬コ)

This is a traditional event in which about 100 horses which dressed up gorgeous clothes have about 200 years of history which marches with sounds of the bells such as "chagu-chagu" from the Onikoshi Shōzen shrine in Takizawa-mura to Morioka Hachiman shurine.

Moreover, this festival has been chosen as the one of "The 100th of The Scenery of Sound to Leave in Japan" at the Ministry of Environment.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tsuriyama Park

When spring comes, Tsuriyama Park is covered by cherry blossoms.

In my childhood, my family and I used to go there, take the special lunch boxes and enjoy the view. Although it was beautiful view of the cherry blossoms in the daytime, the night view of  flowers in which the lanterns were lighted was also exceptionally beautiful.

Tsuriyama which is 90 metres above sea level is located in the east end of the mountain range which met the Iwai river which makes Mt Kurikoma the original flow. The top of the mountain is an open space called *"Senjōjiki" which can command a whole view of a city area.

The Tsuriyama Park which it takes about 10 minutes on foot from JR Ichinoseki station has a little history. It is reported that the park is the remains of  a castle barrier, and there are the circumstances to which excavation work  was advanced once.

It's just a pity for drivers because there are not much parking spaces around.

The people who are related to the history of Tsuriyama; Sakanoue no Tamuramaro(坂上田村麻呂), Abe no Sdato(阿部貞任), Date Munekatsu(伊達宗勝), Tamura Tatsuakira(田村建顕)

*Senjōjiki means the land space of 1000 tatami mats.