Friday, April 20, 2012

The drum which tells a time and Tatebe Seian

There are two valuable things in Ichinoseki in spite of a small territory.
They are the drum which tells the time, and a person who was called Tatebe Seian.

Tatebe Seian was a doctor of Ichinoseki-han(1712~1782).

The Tatebe family's successors inherited the name of Seian until five generation. It was Seian of the second generation that appears here.

He was not only excellent as a doctor, but wrote the relief book of famine called "Minkan Bikōroku" and "Bikōkusakizu".

Then he saved the people who suffered from the famine.

And as it was in the above mentioned sentence, the drum which was used for the time signal in Ichinoseki was an excellent piece of boast of people of Ichinoseki.

As for the drum, four of them were made from one zelkova tree. Shōun Temple's drum is the third one but it is not famous than the Chōshō Temple's.

The drum at the time of the second generation is exhibited to the Shinkansen Ichinoseki Station concourse.