Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tategamori Ark Farm


Set in the heartland of Fujisawa, Ichinoseki, in North East Japan is a vast area of 100 hectares laced with lush green hedges, carefully pruned bushes, lavender and sweet smelling herbs.  Tategamori Ark Farm is not only a topiary wonder but as the name suggests it is also home to many animals such as red deer , sheep, pigs, ponies and rabbits. It is also graced by the elegant white peacock and many varieties of domesticated fowl.

The farm also has its own shop, restaurant and barbecue house that provides home reared pork, home made bread, tofu and many other culinary delights.

About the Pork: The pigs of the Tategamori highlands eat several kinds of herbs and tapioca which gives the pork its distinctive richness and chewy texture. They are reared in healthy and natural surroundings and are certified as a Babcock Pork.

The home reared pork provides excellent ham and sausages. The unique taste of the sausages are further enhanced by a technique adopted from Germany which involves integrating spices. This   extends the quality of the meat to a top drawer taste that is a favourite of the nation. Other than the added spices, the meat is sold with either very little or no additives.

Open days are on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday between the hours of 11:00 to 14:00.

Main Event : The "Ton-ton Derby" is held at the Ark Farm in May and October every year. Participants lead a baby pig and run together to the goal.

Around the farm, there are also the Iwate Safari Park and the Tategamori Kogen Hotel.

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