Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you know Geibikei?

Gei-bi-kei (猊鼻渓) is the gorge that is depicted as one of the One-Hundred Views of Japan. It’s also one of Japan's three biggest gorges (Geibikei, Sagakei and Yabakei). It is located in the southern part of Iwate prefecture in the north of Japan.

The name of Geibikei -Lion Nose Gorge- was so called from the eroded stalactite which looks like a lion's nose.

猊=lion 鼻=nose 渓=gorge

The 2km gorge runs alongside the Satetsu River, a tributary that  feeds on the waters supplied by the Kitakimi River. The strange limestoned precipice looms upwards for approximately 100 metres. Our gondoliers can row you through this stretch of fascinating river and its limestoned gorge. The boat trip takes about 90 minutes returning to our start point.

The flora and fauna changes with each passing season adding its own distinctive touch to memories that will not be forgotten.

And from December through to February we will also be offering our famous 'cook all in one pot' Japanese recipe called 'kinagashi nabe' on our kotatsu boats. All you need to do to enjoy this speciality is to book it the morning before the day you travel with us.

How to get here from Ichinoseki:
By car, take road 19. It will take approximately 30 minutes. 
By bus , it will take about 40 minutes. 
By train, it will take 30 minutes via the JR Ofunato line.

To get in touch with us and reserve the boat ride, please call:
                  +81(0)191-47-2341 or +81(0)191-47-3288 Fax

Or you can also visit our website:

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