Saturday, September 24, 2011

Genbikei is not Geibikei...


There are some visitors who mistakenly come to Geibikei gorge instead of Genbikei gorge. However, unlike the erosion that forms the Lion's Snout at Geibikei gorge: Genbikei gorge is forged from the water flowing from Kurikoma mountain into the Iwai River.
Two kilometres of dynamic scenery lashes over water beaten rock, intruding potholes, and shallow waterfalls. The natural erosion and savagery of the rainlaced river twists the rocks and the sides of the gorge into many interesting shapes. The gorge attracts many visitors who enjoy the walk that overlooks this stunning waterscape.

Cuckoo Dango

The flying “Cuckoo Dango” (rice cake dumpling) is a famous product of the Genbikei gorge. It has been enjoyed at the teahouse since 1878. Traditionally customers put money into the bamboo basket for the dumpling and knock on the board with a wooden hammer: it is then conveyed by a rope from the teahouse on the opposite bank. This is commonly known as the "flying dumpling”. 


The dumplings are sold in three traditional flavours: goma (black sesame paste); anko (red bean paste); and mitarashi (sweet soy sauce). 

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