Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boat Wedding

On Sunday October 2, a boat wedding was held in Geibikei Gorge. It was sunny, the weather was calm and everybody enjoyed it regardless of the cold wind that blew. The bridal couple arrived by jinrikisha and alongside the many guests they boarded the boats. They then proceeded through the River Satetsu aided by the long poles of the boatmen .

The boat stops at the front of *Bishamon-kutsu where a couple of Shinto priests dressed in traditional manner oversee the ceremony.
*Bishamon-kutsu: At the base of the rock is a cave, inside which stands a shrine to Bishamon-ten, the god of treasure. The cave also provides a fine home for bats.

The Shinto Wedding Ceremony
This ceremony became very popular after the wedding of the Crown Prince who became the Taisho Emperor  on March 10, in the year 1900. Since then it has grown even bigger with many Japanese people choosing the Shinto style of getting married.

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  1. Boat wedding idea is awesome. Weddings are made in heaven is a truth but I attended a function of my friend last month at one of the royal wedding venues in UK. Venue was heaven itself as the interiors and paintings resembled as of some palace.