Sunday, October 9, 2011

Murone Mountain

Area of Murone Mountain

At 895 metres above sea level, Murone Mountain is about 30 minutes drive from Geibikei Gorge. Its prime location in Iwate prefecture enjoys panoramic views of the other neighboring mountains of Hayachine and Kinkasan and the horizon expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

The seasonal scenic changes induce a variety of activities ranging from hiking through to birdwatching, the intellectual pursuit of astronomy, mountain biking and the adrenalin seeking sport of paragliding.

Azalea Festival
 Azalea flowers grow in abundance on the mountain. The swathes of pink and red with the subtle scent of fragrance are celebrated with a festival in the last week of May and continues through to the following month June.

Kirara Mount Murone Astronomical Observatory
 Near the peak of Murone Mountain lies the dome of Kirara Mount Murone Astronomical Observatory. It houses a 50cm caliber telescope which probes deeply into the reach of space.

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