Monday, October 17, 2011

Otsuki's Three Wise Men in Ichinoseki

In Ichinoseki,the historical character called three wise men that are deeply related to the opening of a country of Japan is in which we live. Their bust sculpture is put on the station square.

Otsuki Gentaku (1757~1827)
He studied Dutch medicine and Dutch. He also had published the primer "Rangaku Kaitei" of Dutch study book at the age of 26. He opened the first Dutch private cram school in our country. Then he contributed to a medical advance including the completion of "Jutei Kaitai Shinsho" for revised edition of "Kaitai Shinsho".

Otsuki Bankei (1801~1878)
He was the second son of Otsuki Gentaku and played an active part as a Confucian scholar of Japanese spirit and Western Learning who appealed for the opening of a country to foreign trade and diplomatic relations.

Otsuki Fumihiko (1847~1928)
He was born as the third son of Otsuki Bankei at the Edo age. He completed the first dictionary "Genkai(言海)" in our country. It was reorganized by "Dai Genkai(大言海)" later.

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