Monday, October 3, 2011

Sukawa Kogen (Mt Kurikoma)

 About two hours drive from the pleasurable river trip through Geibikei Gorge lies a mountain that rises a significant height of 1, 628 metres above sea level. It also stretches out its prominent girth over three prefectures: Iwate; Akita; and Miyagi. In the latter two, the mountain is also known as Dainichi-dake and Kurikoma-yama respectively. Clouds of mist emanate from the hot spring water that are heated from the volcanic core. The steam as it makes contact with the colder air from the higher altitude sometimes enshrouds the peaks from view - adding mystery.

The peaks attract many hikers and the more adventurous who like the challenge of a climb. It is open to the public from the middle of May through to November when public access is restricted due to the colder season making the area more precarious.

This is a lake formed by a crater of Sukawa from a small eruption during the Showa dynasty in 1944. The surface of the lake shines an emerald green, rich in intensity with the smell of sulphur . The autumn attracts many visitors with the forested trees, fauna and the lake lending to the impressed sense of its seasonal hue.

Located at the foot of Sukawa mountain, at a thousand metres above sea level, lies this famous hot spring. It is highly prized for its natural properties that are known to help support the symptoms of rheumatism and chronic toxicosis. It is milky white in colour with a blue tint and is known to give a mild stinging sensation when submerging into its health giving waters.

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